Dr.Bashar Ibrahim Alahmad Alyousef

الأذن والأنف والحنجرة

الأذن والأنف والحنجرة

الدكتور بشار إبراهيم الأحمد اليوسف

MD, ARAB BOARD- ENT, Masters Degree in ENT

Specialist- الأذن والأنف والحنجرة

Dr. Bashar Ibrahim Alahmad ALyousef is an experienced and skilled ENT surgeon, who completed his medical graduation from Damascus University, Syria.He is awarded master degree in ENT-HNS getting his training in Damascus university hospitals,namely Almowasat hospital which has the biggest ENT department in Syria ,and in Albairuni hospital which is the main hospital for treating cancer in Syria.
He is also an Arab board and Syrian board certified.
He did training in the ENT department in Oldenburg university hospital, Germany.


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