Dr. Zahra Seratishirazi

طب الأطفال وحديثي الولادة

طب الأطفال وحديثي الولادة

د. زهرة سيراتي شـيرازي


Consultant- طب الأطفال وحديثي الولادة

Dr. Zahra Serati is a highly qualified pediatrician from Iran. She is also an intensive care specialist, completing her fellowship in the UK and South Africa. She was a Professor of Medicine for more than15 years at Shiraz University in Iran, where she taught a new generation of pediatric intensives. She is a deeply compassionate doctor who works difficult for all her patients.

                SERVICE OFFERED 
  •    Pediatric Acute and Critical care
  •               Newborn care  
  •               General pediatric care
  •     Children Growth and Development
  •     Routine vaccination
  •               Endocrine and  Metabolic disorder
  •               Infectious  diseases

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