Dr. Seyedeh Saeideh Naghibi

الطب الباطني

الطب الباطني

الدكتورة سيدة سعيدة نغيبي

MBBS, MD(Board of Internal Medicine)

Specialist- الطب الباطني

Dr Seyedeh Saeideh Naghibi graduated from Mashhad Hospital ,Iran and completed her post graduate training in Internal medicine from Tehran Health University under Iranian board of Internal Medicine.

Her clinical skills include diagnosing and managing various multisystem disease and with special interest in diabetes ,hypertension, thyroid, infectious diseases and rheumatological diseases.


                              ·        Diabetes,  Obesity, Diabetic foot management

·         Hypertension

·         Thyroid abnormalities and other endocrinological disorders

·         Infectious diseases management

·         Allergic and lung diseases 

·         Rheumatological  diseases

·         Gastrointestinal disorders

·         Cardiac care

·         Health checkups and life style modification

·         Hyperlipidemia

·         fatty liver

·         renal diseases

·         anemia and other blood disorders


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