Dr. Haresh D Wagh

الأمراض الصدرية

الأمراض الصدرية

د. هاريش واج

MBBS, DNB (Pulmonary Medicine ), DTCD, CTCCM (Critical Care)

Specialist- الأمراض الصدرية

Services Offers:
• Obstructive lung diseases-Asthma, Copd, Bronchiectasis 
• Tuberculosis 
• Pneumonia
• Interstitial lung diseases 
• Pleural diseases 
• Pulmonary hypertension 
• Lung cancer 
• Occupational lung diseases
• Sleep medicine 
• Smoking cessation 
• Covid care and treatment of post covid sequelae 
• Bronchoscopy procedures -BAL,TBLB,TBNA
• ICU care and ICU procedures
• Pulmonary function test interpretation 

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